The regatta is affiliated to British Rowing and held under British Rowing Rules of Racing. In addition the additional of the following local rules apply:.

  1. All competitors must comply with the British Rowing’s Row Safe Guidelines
  2. The order of events will be strictly adhered to for heats, semi-finals and finals. Heats and Quarter finals will normally take place on Friday with most Semi Finals and Finals scheduled for Saturday. Approximately the first 20-25 Semi-Finals will take place on Friday.
  3. Competitors (with the exception of coxes) are not initially permitted to make more than one entry per competitor. Entries containing “placeholders” for later substitution will not be permitted. There will be a waiting list available for crews wanting to make a second entry from which the Entries Secretary may add crews from 9 days after entries have opened.
  4. When the number of entries for the Regatta exceeds that which can be accommodated, the Organising Committee may suspend further entries from being made.
  5. Where an event has received only 1 entry, the following process will apply: i) the crew will be offered to change to an alternative event ii) If adjacent event also only has 1 entry, the 2 events will be combined and operated in accordance with the latest Masters Handicap Table. iii) If there are no adjacent events running, the entry will be rejected and a full refund given, iv) If an adjacent event has 2 entries or more, the crew will be given the following option  a) to compete in the adjacent event without a handicap, b) to accept a full refund or c) for crews aged >75 years, the adjacent events will be combined with a handicap.
  6. Crews who withdraw their entry once a List of Crews is published shall forfeit their entry fee.
  7. The Environment Agency (EA) requires all boats, including those from overseas, to clearly display their EA identification number on the sides of the boat.
  8. Crews must proceed to the Start and leave the course after racing in accordance with the circulation pattern. Crews crossing the course must not impede races in progress.
  9. Crews must paddle light in the zone between the bottom of Temple Island and just downstream of the cross-over points.
  10. The first named crew in each race will take the Berkshire station (towpath side).
  11. Crews must be attached to the stake boat 2 minutes, before the time of their race.
  12. No practising will be allowed on the course from 30 minutes before the first race. No practice starts will be allowed on the course during the Regatta.
  13. Winners – medals will be presented at the Presentation Raft as crews return from the finish of their final race.
  14. The decision of the Organising Committee on any aspect of the operation of the Regatta will be final.