Circulation, Safety and Reference


HMR Circulation Pattern

Please familiarise yourselves with the normal river rules which operate prior to the Regatta and outside of Regatta hours on Friday & Saturday.

Crews are allowed on the water for practice on Friday morning but must be off the water by 8.30am and on Saturday by 7.30am. No practice is allowed during the racing timetable. The exception is for crews who are making their way to the start for a scheduled race. Practice is allowed after regatta hours at which time the normal circulation pattern in Henley resumes immediately after the last race of the day. Please refer to the circulation pattern in PDF above. Please note that there may be busy river traffic due to Henley Festival taking place on the same days as the regatta.

Steerspersons / coxes must be especially careful below Temple Island (remember that during the regatta you must return to the normal (Berks) side of the river below Temple Island). During the racing timetable look out for the cross-over point.  In the interests of safety light pressure paddling ONLY is permitted between the bottom of the island until crews have safely crossed over.

Steerspersons / coxes should be aware that other river users may ignore the change-over times for racing and normal operation. The best advice is to look around frequently outside of racing times and in the warm up area at all times.


Please review the following documents:

Event Safety Plan – Henley Masters Regatta

Henley Masters Regatta Welfare Statement



Please review the following documents:

Rules of the Regatta

Henley Masters Regatta Privacy Notice