Overseas & Scottish Crews

Additional information for Overseas and Scottish Crews:

How to register with British Rowing

If your club has not used the British Rowing Online Entry system (BROE2) before, you will need to register with British Rowing first. Please contact British Rowing by emailing clubs@britishrowing.org, explaining that you wish to use BROE2. This can be done well in advance of the Regatta Entry Opening Date. Please provide the name of your club and details of the person making the entry. British Rowing will register your details, creating a username for BROE2, enabling you to subsequently enter the Regatta online through BROE2.

Boat Hire

There are many local clubs and boat manufacturers that offer boat rental if you are unable to bring your own boats. Below is a list of contact details you can contact directly to make arrangements (other than providing this list, Henley Masters Regatta does not further get involved in this process).

Oxford Lightweight Rowing Club Please contact Samuel Wells at wells.samuel@gmail.com or president@oulrc.org or by phone on +44 (0)7872424238 – All of our boats are weighted in the region of 70-75 kg – ideal for lightweight men’s and women’s crews. Many of our boats are rented to top-end US women’s programmes for Henley Royal. We have a carbon Empacher 8; Hudson USP 4-; Hudson SP 4-/4x-; carbon bow-mount Filippi 2- and a late-2022 Filippi 2x/2- with aluminium riggers.

Oxford Brookes University, contact Richard Spratley (07836 235020) – up to 8 international class VIIIs for hire; up to 10 international standard coxed and coxless IVs for hire; and up to 20 international class smaller boats doubles/pairs for hire.  All are Empacher. With optional service of delivery/rigging and hand-over for an overseas crew and, in addition, assistance with de-rigging. Also available for hire: oars, some of which are unpainted and could be stickered in crew colours if required.

Empacher UK – UK & Ireland Empacher representative, can help facilitate hires of Empacher boats, contact Mark Chatwin by email on info@empacher.co.uk

WinTech & King Racing Shells have been used to win the regatta by both overseas and domestic crews and are available to rent through their UK distributor Oarsport Ltd. Contact their team at info@oarsport.co.uk or call 01159818183.

Reading Blue Coat School Please contact the Head of Rowing Allan French by email: AJF@rbcs.org.uk or call +44 (0)7966873688. International standard Hudson boats are available in the following boat classes 2-, 2x, 4-, 4x, 4+, 8+. All can be delivered to Henley at a time to suit you.

Magdalen College Boat Club, Oxford Please contact Tom Stewardson, the Magdalen College boatman, on tom.stewardson@balliol.ox.ac.uk to rent one of the following boats they have available: Empacher eights 2017 R86 80-90kg; 2017 R84 70-80kg; 2012 R86 80-90kg. Fours: Empacher K43 4+ (bow coxed) 85-100kg 2003; Empacher K45 4x/- 2001 85-100kg; Stampfli 4+ (bow coxed) 2007 70kg. Empacher K33 2x/- 2004 85-100kg. 2016 Hudson S1.41 84-102kg. Prices on request, delivered to Henley. Assistance with rigging and setup available on request from our professional boatman.

Falcon Racing Boats UK – Falcon Racing Boats UK is happy to rent out boats to competitors. Please contact David Reed, 07779 234501 or Wolfgang Weis, 07971 198547 or Falcon Racing Boats UK by email: info@falconracingboatsuk.com. For more information, please consult the website www.falconracingboatsuk.com.

Monmouth School has a range of options available including a 2022 reverse wing rig Empacher coxed four, a wing rig Empacher eight, Hudson eight, Hudson pair and new Janousek pairs/doubles. For further information, please contact Louise Hart on 07790770407 or by email on hart.louise@habsmonmouth.org.

Oxford University Women’s Boat Club – Please contact James Powell by email (james.powell@ouwbc.org.uk) or mobile (+447885787840). We have a number of shells available for rent which have been well maintained for use during the Boat Race campaign. All of our shells are within the range of 65-80kg and suited to openweight women’s, or lightweight men’s, crews. We have a number of eights, fours, pairs and singles available which can be delivered or collected as required. For more details please get in touch.

Janousek and Stampfli Boats – built in the UK and supported at Henley Masters Regatta by a team of boat building professionals. A wide variety of demonstration boats are available for hire. Please contact Mark Banks via email; mark@janousek.co.uk or phone; +44 (0) 1932 353 421.


Overseas entries will be fully subject to any COVID-19 travel and quarantine regulations that may be in force around the time of the regatta. You will be asked to consent to the HMR COVID-19 policy on behalf of your crew when you make an entry, so please ensure that you have the consent of your crew before you proceed.

Rules of British Rowing

Please note, the Rules of British Rowing differ from World Rowing Rules.