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We are looking forward to welcoming you at Henley Masters Regatta 2024!

Please find below the entries procedure for Henley Masters Regatta. Any questions, please feel free to contact Irene Hewlett, the Entries Secretary. Other than English, wij spreken Nederlands – nous parlons français – wir sprechen Deutsch – parliamo italiano – hablamos espagñol, so feel free to use any of those languages.

There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions here: HMR FAQ

Entries procedure

Entries in HMR 2024 will open on Wednesday 15 May 2024 at 12:00 pm BST.

You have the opportunity to make up to two entries per athlete. A “preferred event” entry in the Main Event, and a “waitlist” entry on the Waitlist (allowing athletes a possibility to double up if the regatta capacity allows). HMR 2024 offers the events in green in the table below in both the Main Event and the Waitlist (HMR 2024 does not offer the events in blue in the table). There will be no handicaps for competitors except for competitors aged 75 years or older.

All entries should be made using BROE2, the British Rowing Online Entry system.

Preferred Event Entry:

Make this entry in the “Main Event” section. We aim to accept all entries made in the “Main Event” if they are made and paid before Sunday 19 May 2024 at 6:00 pm BST, unless:

(a) the entire regatta fills up before 6:00 pm BST on Sunday 19 May 2024 and you haven’t yet made your entry at that time (the entire regatta filled up with preferred entries in 5 days in 2023)

(b) there is no opposition in your chosen event (we will then work with you to find you an appropriate alternative)

(c) your entry is in 1x and it is made after there are already 8 paid entries in your event (please note, in 2023, MasF.1x filled up within 16 min and MasE.1x within 1 day – if 1x is your preferred event, do not wait to enter and pay to avoid disappointment).

All entries in the “Main Event” that remain unpaid on Sunday 19 May 2024 at 6:00 pm BST will be moved to the Waitlist.

Waitlist Entry

Make and pay for this entry in the “Waitlist” section. This entry is not guaranteed.

Entries will be accepted into the main event from the waitlist on the basis of creating meaningful competition across the board. If there are multiple crews entered in an event in which crews are taken from the waitlist, crews will be accepted into the main event from the waitlist in order of payment time. Only 7% of competitors doubled up at HMR 2023. Be sure to enter your preferred event in the Main Event, because your waitlisted event may not happen. You will have a higher chance of being able to double up if you enter relatively less common events on the waitlist and if you pay for your waitlisted entry sooner.

Please review the Event Order below and ensure that there is a gap of at least 8 events between the main event of all those in the crew and all their respective waitlisted events – the race schedule is interactive to help you. Exceptions are not possible and you will lose entries if this 8 event interval is not met.

All Heats are raced first, followed by Quarter Finals, then Semi Finals, then Finals. For each event, the Open race is followed by Women’s. The event order will be strictly adhered to and it is not possible to amend this order or defer Heats, Quarter Finals or Semi Finals to the Saturday. Crews entering HMR should be fully prepared to race on Friday.

Instructions for interactive Event Order:
Click on the events all the athletes in the potential crew are entered in on the Main Event. Events that turn red ARE NOT available to enter on the Waitlist (if red areas overlap for two events, then run the app twice, once for each event). Any entries found in BROE that do not meet this requirement will be rejected without further notice. Any rejected crews cannot be reinstated and other crews who do meet this requirement will be accepted instead.

Additional important points to note

There may be situations in which an athlete needs to be entered in the “Waitlist” section twice – if this is the case, contact the Entries Secretary who will make the second entry for you. Be aware that such an athlete may not get a row. Consider entering all athletes in the Main Event.

You must not make entries containing “placeholders” with the intention of substituting those athletes later in the hope of doubling up as the doubling-up restriction will not be lifted on BROE for entrants (doubling-up entries can only be made by the Entries Secretary). If you attempt to substitute a “placeholder” with a person already entered in the Main Event, you will receive an error message and you will not be able to make that change. Any substitutions in a crew containing any athletes who are doubling up can also only be made by the Entries Secretary. Crews found to be making entries containing “placeholders” will be disqualified.

Coxswains can participate in as many events as they want for as long as the required event interval is met.

The entries process after 6:00 PM BST on Sunday 19 May 2024:

  • If there is no opposition in your event, you will be contacted by the Entries Secretary and you will have the following options:
    • to change to an alternative event
    • to move to an adjacent event if there is one with 2 entries or more
      • if your crew is younger than 75 years, you will not be given a handicap
      • if your crew is older than 75 years, you will be given the option of a handicap and handicaps will be calculated on the basis of the actual age difference between the crews rather than the banded age difference.
    • to receive a full refund
  • The Entries Secretary will accept waitlisted entries into the main event from the waitlist
    • you will receive a BROE notification email to alert you that this has happened (please make sure BROE notification emails do not land in your spam folder).
  • The List of Entries will be published
    • No refunds are payable to crews that withdraw
    • Crews cannot change the category in which they are racing, unless in unusual circumstances
    • In the event of withdrawals, crews will be added from the waiting list to the List of Entries in place of those who have withdrawn
  • The Draw will be published
    • If the Official Closing date has not yet passed, 100% substitutions can be made via BROE2, thereafter 50% substitutions are still possible (please note: this will not allow doubling-up of competitors already entered).
    • In the event of withdrawals, crews will be added from the waiting list to the Draw in place of those who have withdrawn.
    • Crews cannot change the category in which they are racing unless in very exceptional circumstances.
  • Entries will close officially at 12:00 pm BST on Wednesday 5 June 2024. The 50% substitution rule will strictly apply after this time without exceptions.


The entry fees for 2024 are to be determined

  • Eights £
  • Fours & Quads £
  • Doubles £
  • Singles £

Crew Matching

Please complete the Google Form at https://forms.gle/Us1LbY5SSP9pyLip7 to take part in Crew Matching
We will create a list to match competitors who would like to row/scull but do not have a crew or are willing to substitute with those that have a crew but are missing a person (e.g. due to injury at the last minute as an alternative to withdrawing from the competition). Success not guaranteed but potential unlimited (Crew Matching has already led to 1 winning 8+ entry!).
If you are an individual sculler/rower/cox and would like to scull/row/cox in a crew or would be available as a substitute for another crew then complete the Google Form. Most individuals tend to be needed very close to the regatta so please specify whether you will be attending the regatta regardless of Crew Matching.
If you are a crew and you require an additional sculler/rower/cox then complete the Google Form. Please consider this as an option before withdrawing your crew due to injury or commitments at a late stage before the regatta or early on when you enter. The quality of individuals registered for Crew Matching has been extremely high in the past.

Current list of available subs will be posted here nearer the time of the regatta.

Any questions can be sent to the Entries Secretary (entries@henleymastersregatta.org.uk). All details provided via the Google Form will be treated as confidential.

Entry Eligibility

Henley Masters Regatta is open to the Masters age categories shown below for both men and women.   The minimum age is 27 for competitors in line with World Rowing rules, except coxswains who may be under this age. Your racing age is the age in years you attain during the year the regatta is held.

Minimum Age for 1x or Average Crew Age:364350556065707580

Event Restrictions

Each 1x category is restricted to a maximum of 8 entries, and each 2x category to a maximum of 16 crews, based on the order in which payment is received for entries.

Cancellation Policy

The Henley Masters Regatta’s policy on refunds is that should it be necessary to cancel the Regatta, we will try to refund part of the entry fees in a fair and transparent manner following a meeting of the Committee when sunk costs are known. The amount withheld would be to cover any unavoidable costs.