Race Schedule & Events Offered



The events will take place in the following order, which shall be strictly adhered to.  Please review the Race Sequence and avoid entering events which fall close together (please consider this when you register on the waiting list). Unless considered necessary by the Race Committee all Heats will be raced, followed by Quarter Finals, then Semi Finals (See comments below regarding Friday semi finals) then Finals. For each event the Men’s race is followed by Women’s. Racing will commence at 9.00 on Friday and 8.00 on Saturday, with racing required to be finished by 18:00 on both days.  The races are scheduled to run 4 minutes apart.

Due to persistent low entries in the pairs event and following a survey among competitors who entered in HMR 2019, HMR 2021 will not offer a pairs event as standard. You can register your interest in a pairs event on BROE2 on the waitlist (see ENTRIES for the procedure). The waitlist is NOT guaranteed so your entry on the waitlist may not be picked to go forward into the main event.


ALL heats and quarter finals will take place on Friday. Semi finals (required if 3 or more crews have entered an event)  will commence on Friday from c. 2pm onwards.   Semi finals for the first 20 – 25 events listed above will therefore take place on late Friday afternoon and any crew who enters should be full prepared to race on Friday.  It is not possible to amend the race schedule and defer heats or quarter finals to the Saturday.   Finals will take place between 13.00 and 18.00 on Saturday.

Competitors and coxes entered in more than one event must ensure they have adequate time between races as no allowances for doubling up can be made due to the knock on effect on other races. This means AT LEAST 8 events between events entered – and you may wish to allow more time. Guidance on adequate time between races is available here: How to count the event interval in HMR.

Note: Henley Masters Regatta is an open event and does not offer banding nor mixed events.  Events for Masters I, J and K will be scheduled according to demand.

In the event of particular race event not being run and if the crew cannot be accommodated by mutual agreement in a similar event, we will refund the entry fee in full.