Race Schedule & Events


Henley Masters Regatta offers the events in the table below + Masters I, J and K races according to demand.


Events take place in the order below. All Heats will be raced first, followed by Quarter Finals, then Semi Finals, then Finals. For each event, the Open race is followed by Women’s. Racing commences at 9:00 on Friday and 8:00 on Saturday, with racing required to be finished by 18:00 on both days. Racing is scheduled to run 4 minutes apart. The event order will be strictly adhered to and it is not possible to amend this order or defer Heats, Quarter Finals or Semi Finals to the Saturday.

ALL Heats and Quarter Finals take place on Friday. Semi Finals commence on Friday from c. 14:00 onwards. Semi Finals for the first 20 – 25 events take place late Friday afternoon. Finals take place between 13:00 and 18:00 on Saturday. Crews entering HMR should be fully prepared to race on Friday.

Essential information for waitlist entries for potential doubling up:
Crews interested in potential doubling up must leave AT LEAST 8 events between events entered for all athletes in the potential crew. We have created an app to help you determine which events you can enter on the Waitlist. Click on the events all the athletes in the potential crew are entered in on the Main Event. Events that turn red ARE NOT available to enter. Any entries found in BROE that do not meet this requirement will be rejected without further notice. Any rejected crews cannot be reinstated and other crews who do meet this requirement will be accepted instead. Click here for the app.


Note: Henley Masters Regatta is an open event and does not offer banding nor mixed events.