Competitor Information

We look forward to welcoming you to the regatta and hope you have a very enjoyable and successful couple of days racing.

Prior to arriving at the regatta please make yourselves familiar with the following information and remember if you are an overseas crew, the British Rowing Rules of Racing differ to World Rowing Rules.


If you are competing please consult the following documents:

Rules of the Regatta

Training & Racing Circulation Patterns

Event Safety Plan – Henley Masters Regatta

Henley Masters Regatta Welfare Statement

Henley Masters Regatta Privacy Notice

HMR COVID Statement


For directions to the site please see Location.   HMR requests that all competitors and spectators follow a voluntary “one-way” system when arriving and leaving the site. Regardless of when you arrive  please approach the Regatta via the top of Remenham Hill (down Remenham Church Lane). This will enable  you to easily enter Hillside Car & Trailer Park through Gate D.  Please do not drive down Rememham Lane near Henley Bridge

Regardless of when you leave Hillside Car park, please turn left down Remenham Lane, past Upper Thames Rowing Club towards Henley Bridge. The one-way system will avoid trailers meeting cars at narrow points in the lane. Your support in making this work is greatly appreciated and by working together we can avoid the costs and complications of an enforced traffic order.


In the run up to the event part of the Regatta site will be fenced to comply with HSE construction site regulations.  Access is therefore only permitted as follows:

Prior to 7am Thursday 8 July 2021:

There is NO ACCESS to any parts of the Regatta site including Hillside car park. It is NOT possible to bring trailers (not even to just quickly drop off boats) on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday prior to Henley Masters Regatta due to site clearance activities in relation to Henley Women’s Regatta. If you are an overseas crew arriving in Henley prior to the Regatta itself you may find Boating Information for Overseas crews useful.

If you are hiring a boat which is being also being used at Henley Women’s Regatta you will need to make alternative arrangements for its storage between Sunday of HWR and Wednesday preceding HMR. Please liaise with the lenders in this regard since they may not be aware of the restrictions in place this week.  If you have made suitable arrangements for boat storage and are planning a practice outing, please familiarise yourself with the HMR Circulation Pattern 2021.

7am Thursday to 4pm Thursday:

Restricted access to parts of the Temple Island Meadows Regatta site only.

  • Hillside car park: Open for cars & trailers.  Will be locked overnight from 9pm to 7am (possibly from 7pm on Thurs)
  • Boating pontoons:  These are ONLY be available from Thursday am onwards.  Prior to this you will NOT be able to access the river.  Whilst we would like to get pontoons installed earlier, the parties insured to transport them are not available.
  • Racking: Most of the racking area will form part of the construction site and will not be available before 4pm on Thursday.   Until then boats must be returned to Hillside car park and stored on trailers/ trestles.    Neither Henley Masters Regatta nor the Venue take responsibility for boats and equipment left on racks or trailers at any time (including overnight).
  • Toilets: Please note that there may not be any toilet facilities open until Thursday at 4 pm since they will also be within the designated construction site.

At no time may a competitor access the restricted fenced off areas. Anyone who does so is not only risking injury but also disqualification from the Regatta.

Boating out of UTRC during this time is only by prior arrangement with the club.  Contact ( for more information.

4pm Thursday to 8.00am Friday:

We will endeavour to make the Regatta site accessible in full.  Please familiarise yourself with the HMR Circulation Pattern 2021.


Spectators are reminded of the COVID risks and asked not to enter the boating area, and specifically not congregate around the areas where competitors or officials are based. There is no charge or dress code for spectators. There will not be tickets available for spectators to follow in the umpires’ launches behind races as usual, but there may be an opportunity to accommodate up to 4 people per race at the umpire’s discretion after queueing in a socially distant manner.


The Henley Masters Regatta Car & Trailer Park is located in Hillside car park (above the main Regatta site).  It opens at 10am on Wednesday and will close Saturday evening at 9pm.  It will close overnight each evening at 9pm and reopen at 7am on Friday and 6am on Saturday.  Do not arrive outside these times since you will not be able to access and will block Remenham Lane.

Parking charges in 2021 will be £10 per vehicle per day – CASH only (Friday & Saturday). Vehicles towing trailers are permitted free of charge and will be given a Towing Vehicle card to complete with their registration number for re-entry of that particular vehicle at a later time. These Towing Vehicle cards are not transferrable. Parking charges will be applied to vehicles with boats on roof-racks. Pre-booking of parking is NOT required.

Competitor vehicular access to Remenham Riverside (boating area) is not permitted AT ANY time. Please remove all boats from the boating area following completion of racing on Saturday.  Any boats remaining beyond this time shall be removed.  Please note that security is not provided at any time (including overnight) and vehicles and equipment are left at competitors own risk.

Car & trailer parking is not available at Upper Thames Rowing Club at any time before or during Henley Masters Regatta 2021.

Boat Registration

All boats racing on the River Thames in Henley must be registered with the Environment Agency (“EA”).  UK Club representatives can register club or individual boats via British Rowing. Please see British Rowing – Information on EA registrations  for more information.  HMR is not able to  issue temporary licences.

Overseas crews who are bringing their own boats can either:

a) buy a temporary EA registration for £9.10 lasting 7 days.  You apply for this directly via the Environment Agency by downloading and completing Form  TH FIN/149 using this link:   River Thames application for unpowered pleasure boats annual / short term  / clubs  .  Send it post or by phone + 44 3708 506506 or email  Alternatively once you are in the UK you can buy this temporary registration direct from a local lock keeper. Marsh Lock is 1 mile from the HMR course.   You will receive a temporary licence sticker which can be affixed to your boat.  No EA ID  number will be issued.

b) buy an annual registration via British Rowing.  British Rowing will give you an EA ID number but you will still need to create a number to affix to the side of your  boat.  For further information on this option see British Rowing Boat Registration FAQs (select Overseas crew question) or email

The Masters Regatta takes no responsibility for unregistered boats. If you are borrowing or hiring boats from UK clubs then please check with your hirer that your boat is already registered. If you have any queries on Boat Registration please contact the EA direct on or contact the boat registration specialist at British Rowing.


Crews should visit: Henley Visitor Information Centre  or call 44 (0)1491 578034 Mon – Sat 9am – 4pm.

Leander Club

Leander Club would like to invite the competitors and supporters of the Henley Masters’ Regatta to visit the Club on either Friday 9th or Saturday 10th July to enjoy our bars and our catering. Our newly extended outside Terrace is a great location to relax after a hard day’s racing. The Club will be open from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm. Interested parties should simply arrive at the Club and inform our staff that they have attended Henley Masters Regatta and wish to accept our invitation to enjoy the Club’s hospitality.

Mike Sweeney, President


Ten toilets will be available in the competitors’ area which will be maintained throughout the regatta for your convenience – please bring tips to the regatta to express your gratitude for this service.


The campsite at Temple Island Meadows (near Remenham Church) has not operated since 2016 and therefore alternative accommodation should be sought if required.

The following campsites are nearby and pre-booking is strongly advised. Transport will be required.
Hurley Riverside Park:
Swiss Farm Camping:

Please note that camping is strictly prohibited at Upper Thames Rowing Club and all areas of Temple Island Meadows including Gate B Hillside car & trailer park.


There is a mobile catering unit in the competitors area providing fresh coffee, tea, food, cakes and snacks.  A fully licensed bar will also be operating selling a wide range of refreshments.

The Organising Committee asks that all waste is disposed of in the bins provided.


A limited number of gazebos will be permitted at Henley Masters Regatta. Please ensure that they are put up out of the way of any through traffic – behind the boat racks at the back of the field or in the carpark. All gazebo’s should be open on the sides, and be positioned at least 2 metres from the next gazebo. Please continue to ensure social distancing at all times including in gazebo’s.

Trade Stands

If you are interested in exhibiting at Henley Masters Regatta please contact


Please note that the British Rowing membership insurance is only valid for UK residents who are resident in this country for more than six months in a year.