Boating Information for Overseas Crews

With prior permission (please email overseas crews may:

  • Boat out of UTRC from Tuesday (only after 6pm) to Thursday evening. Boats can be left on trestles on the grass in front of the car park or on the club lawn. They are the responsibility of the competitors at all times, not UTRC.  No security is provided on site.
  • Park cars at UTRC until Thursday evening.
  • Trailers  –  After unloading Trailers should immediately be moved to Hillside car park (you can drive through Hillside car park to the far end directly above UTRC).
  • You can relocate to the main competitor area in Temple Island Meadows Riverside (boating area) from Thursday onwards


  • You must use Hillside car park for parking during the Regatta for which there will be a charge. The UTRC car park on racing days may only be used by for officials, support crews, safety crews and the medical team.
  • If you are borrowing a boat that has been used at Henley Royal, with prior arrangement you may be able to load the boat on to the UTRC trailer in the HRR car park on the Sunday night – it will be taken to UTRC on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. You are not permitted to leave boats in HRR boat tents once HRR racing has finished on the Sunday.  Please contact the UTRC Captain at if this is of interest.
  • Registration of crews will take place in the main boating area in Remenham Riverside (500m downstream of UTRC) from 8am Friday morning onwards.
  • The regatta finish line is opposite the UTRC boatshed (not clubhouse) .
  • Before going afloat please familiarise yourself with the Training and Racing Circulation patterns found on the HMR website and available at UTRC.

 Please Do not

  • Bring trailers to UTRC on Sunday, Monday or up til 6pm on Tuesday (keep trailers in HRR car park or elsewhere.)  During this period the HMR Regatta site at Temple Island Meadows and UTRC are both considered to be  construction sites with equipment being dismantled post  Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) and unauthorised access is not permitted under HSE legislations.
  • Turn up at neighbouring clubs without having made prior arrangements.  Boating at Henley RC, Shiplake College, Reading, Wallingford or Marlow rowing clubs may be available as an alternative but you will need to contact them directly.
  • Use Hillside car park before 10am Wednesday or interfere with ANY locked gates.
  • Park your trailer on UTRC lawns, in the middle of the car park or near the main boat shed. Marquees are erected at UTRC on Thursday afternoon and access must be maintained.
  • Access any part of the restricted construction site.